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AI, Machine Learning! What next? Cognitive Computing

PhD Forum

ADCOM 2018 provided platform for at least 8 selected researchers to present their doctoral work ranging from data mining and database algorithms to parametric study on printed MIMO Antenna design.

Just-A-Minute (JAM) Sessions

ADCOM would not be what it is, if it is not lively! ADCOM 2018 had fun filled JAM sessions to ensure that audience was very much part of the program. Hosts IIIT-B and ACCS together created an on-the-spot contest for the participants to solve real-life problems using the knowledge and insight gained at the conference. The problem was defined in the morning session on day 2 and the solutions were presented in the last session on day 3. The three teams selected for final presentation provided solution to the problems of (i) communication without exposing the location, (ii) behavioural profiling of suspects for crime prevention, and (iii) cognitive assistance for the blind. All the three teams bagged attractive prizes. Brigadier (Retd.) Satyendra Kumar, Sena Medal, kindly facilitated the conduct of the JAM sessions together with Mr. Ramesh Sundaraman (IIIT-B) and myself representing ACCS.

Pre-Conference Tutorial

Dr. Ashish Tendulkar, Google, conducted the pre-conference tutorial on Tensor Flow. The topic and the speaker were so popular that we had to limit the registration for want of space in the lecture hall. In all, over 90 delegates attended the tutorial and half of this number was turned away with a commitment to organize another session for them.

Closing Remarks

The event saw packed auditorium on all the three days. The passionate organizers are encouraged by the tremendous response and are happy to announce the next edition of ADCOM in 2019 with a theme on 5G Networks at the same venue and around the same time of the year. See you there!

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