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AI, Machine Learning! What next? Cognitive Computing

Author   Jailendra Kumar ACCS   Continuing with its track record of showcasing the latest technological trends, Advanced Computing and Communications Society (ACCS) dedicated its 24th edition of International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications (ADCOM 2018) to assimilate the advances in Cognitive Computing and Applications. ADCOM 2018 was organized at the Indian Institute of

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A Stitch in Code Saves Nine
– An Interview with Dr. Vijay Kumar, IISc

Prof. Vijay Kumar was conferred the ACCS-CDAC Foundation award for 2018, along with Prof. V. Kamakoti of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Prof. Vijay Kumar is recognized for his seminal contributions to error-correcting codes and signal design for wireless communication which has been adopted into WCDMA Cellular Standards. In today’s data

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Experiential Learning of Networking Technologies: Understanding TCP States – Part 1

Authors   Ram P. Rustagi CSE Department, KSIT Viraj Kumar CAOS - Indian Institute of Science Abstract   The transport layer TCP in a network stack provides end-to-end reliable delivery to the application layer. A reliable connection implies that data will be delivered in-order, error-free and without loss or data duplication. Developers will occasionally face situations where TCP

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