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The Essence of Quantum Computing
Part 2 of 3 Part Series

Author Rajendra K. Bera Chief Mentor, Acadinnet Part II - Algorithms   In Part I we laid the foundation on which quantum algorithms are built. In this part we harness such exotic aspects as superposition, entanglement and collapse of quantum states of that foundation to show how powerful quantum algorithms can be constructed for efficient

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Towards Planning in Mainstream Applications – Important Considerations

Authors   Biplav Srivastava Anton Riabov Adi Botea IBM Research Abstract   Planning has been used in many industrial applications but they are still few and far between compared to other AI sub-fields like learning, constraints and (business) rules. In this paper, we highlight key considerations important in practice and articulate the issues therein which if addressed, we

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Robust Query Processing in Database Systems*

Author   Jayant Haritsa Professor, CSA, Indian Institute of Science Abstract   Database management systems constitute the backbone of today’s information-rich society, providing a congenial environment for handling enterprise data during its entire life cycle of generation, storage, maintenance and processing. The defacto standard user interface to query the information present in the database is SQL

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