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An overview of the 5G mobile network architecture

Authors   Phanindra Palagummi Vedant SomaniKrishna M. Sivalingam Dept. of CSE, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, INDIA Balaji Venkat Independent Consultant, Chennai, INDIA Abstract—Networking connectivity is increasingly based on wireless network technologies, especially in developing nations where the wired network infrastructure is not accessible to a large segment of the population. Wireless data network

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SHAKTI: An Open-Source Processor Ecosystem

Authors   Neel Gala G. S. Madhusudan InCore Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. Paul George Anmol Sahoo Arjun Menon V. Kamakoti Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 1.Introduction   Processors have become ubiquitous in all the appliances and machines we use, in both consumer and industrial settings. These processors range from extremely small and low power micro-controllers (used in motor

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The Essence of Quantum Computing
Part 3 of 3 Part Series

Author   Rajendra K. Bera Chief Mentor, Acadinnet   Vikram Menon Confident Bellatrix Part III – Measurement and interpretation   In Part I we laid the foundation on which quantum algorithms are built. In part II we harnessed such exotic aspects of quantum mechanics as superposition, entanglement and collapse of quantum states to show how powerful quantum algorithms can

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